Random facts about the Netherlands

Every culture does their own thing and has it’s own customs, the Dutch are no exception. Here are a few random facts about the Netherlands which may surprise you. 1. Biking is the number one way of getting around and there are some really strange and unusual bikes. There are delivery bikes with large wooden…


Bread only requires at it’s most basic: water and flour. If you want it to rise it needs yeast and a little sugar, or maybe some baking soda or powder. Beyond that a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor, some oil or butter can be added, whole grains, seeds, and nuts to give…


The Dutch love flowers. Not only do they enjoy fresh flowers in their homes, gardens, and outdoor window sills. They grow them year round in greenhouses and seasonally outdoors for world export. There’s the Aalsmeer Flower Auction which is housed in the fourth largest warehouse in the world. It’s a short distance from Schiphol airport….

The Bee Queen

She smelt of summer roses, the simple ones with five petals that come in shades of white to deepest pink that line the dunes that stretch and wonder into the surf along the shore. So, sweet, so like the promise of nectar, that the bees and hummingbirds all came to kiss her. Her mother at first tried to beat them away. Covered in stings, she realized they never stung her child and that they let her be when she stopped trying to shoe them away. She laughed and giggled, never cried and never fussed. Birds dropped flowers on her and sang sweetly lovingly through the early morning and into the night just for her.